Funaki orthodontic offices (Machida clinic/Kyodo clinic)


Welcome to our clinic!

If you'd like to schedule a consultation with Dr.Funaki, please call
042-728-7977(Machida clinic)
03-5450-1717(Kyodo clinic)

Funaki orthodontic offices with in Tokyo have been offering his patients cutting-edge orthodontic treatment to ensure they enjoy optimal results.
Dr. Funaki has had a great deal of experience in handling over 6000 patients. He understands each and every patient has different needs and requirements.
Dr. Funaki offers his patients the latest technologically advanced treatment in orthodontics.

  • Adult orthodontics
  • Invisible braces
  • Lingual braces
  • Self ligating braces (Damon system etc.)
  • Removal appliances
  • Early childhood orthodontics
  • Invisalign®

Dr. Funaki's entire staff strives to make your treatment comfortable.

We strive to make every patient always feel like a family member from the first visit, and knows that every visit is going to be comfortable and enjoyable.
You can smile with confidence when your teeth are straight and beautiful.

Dr. Junzo Funaki D.D.S.,Ph.D

Dr. Junzo Funaki D.D.S.,Ph.D

Dr. Junzo Funaki, who is a board certified orthodontist, began Machida's clinic in 1985 and Kyodo's clinic in 2000. He is the chief director of Machida's clinic is available for treatment in Machida clinic. Straight teeth are known to contribute to betters communication, health, and a good smile.

1977: Graduated from Tokyo Medical & Dental University (TMDU).
1981: Completion of Ph.D at orthodontic department of TMDU.

  • Japanese Association of Orthodontics (former Vice President).
  • Member of World Federation of Orthodontics (Active member).
  • American Association of Orthodontics (Active member).
  • Japan Society for Oral Myofunctional Therapy (Vice president).
  • Association of Tokyo Medical & Dental university alumni (Chairman)
  • Japan Smile Research Institute (President).
  • Japanese Society of Anti-Aging Medicine (The specialized board Certification of Medicine).

Dr. Seiko Funaki D.D.S.,Ph.D

Dr. Seiko Funaki D.D.S.

Dr. Seiko Funaki is known for her gentle touch and is especially good with apprehensive patients, children and adults alike. When not working with her patients, she devotes herself completely to her research to offer the latest technologically advanced treatment in Orthodontics.
Ordinary in Kyodo clinic, Dr. Seiko is the chief director of the Kyodo clinic and is available for treatment on Sundays in the Machida clinic.

1994:Graduated from Kanagawa Dental Collage (KDC)
1996:Completed the systematic post-graduated course for orthodontology
conducted by department of orthodontics in KDC.
An active member of the following professional associations:

  • Japanese orthodontic society
  • World Federation of Orthodontics
  • Japanese cleft palate Association
  • American Association of Orthodontics
  • Japanese Society of Anti-Aging Medicine (The specialized board Certification of Medicine).

Mission Statement

At the orthodontic office of Dr. Funaki, our patients are the top priority in everything we do. We provide excellent care for each patient in the way that we ourselves would like to be treated.
Through excellent communication and extensive clinical knowledge with advanced technology, we treat each patient in the best way possible.

Fee schedule

  Approximate Time Free
1. First consultation 30min ¥3,000
2. Orthodontic record 1hour ¥17,500~¥39,000
3. Diagnosis & Treatment Planning 30min ¥5,000
4. Orthodontic Treatment   vide infra

(Excluding tax)

(1) Child Phase1 (7~10yrs) : ¥160,000~¥470,000 (Total fee)
Control of jaw growth and alignment corrections of front teeth.
Phase2 (11~13yrs) : ¥450,000~¥500,000 (Total fee)
Alignment corrections of all teeth.
(2) Adult (14yrs and over): ¥800,000~¥940,000 (Total fee)

(Excluding tax)

Payment plans are available, Please contact our office for more information.

Orthodontic treatment flow chart

First consultation
Meet, discuss and explain orthodontic treatment.

Clinical examination
We take orthodontic records such as X-rays, facial and intra-oral photographs, impression of your teeth for making stone models and data of occlusion.



Diagnosis and treatment planning
We will go over all the findings from our analysis of your orthodontic record. We will explain to you about all your treatment options. Showing the records taken, we give you explanation about the treatment plan and costs.



Start treatment
Placement and management of all braces and appliances. We will go over tooth brushing instructions for you. (e.g. Applying braces, toothbrush training)

Monthly check up
Adjustment of wire and appliances

Removing braces

Place of retainer
To ensure the treated teeth remain stable a retainer is used with observation. 

End of treatment

Regular check up  

Location and office hours by appointment

Machida clinic

Kikkawa Machida Bldg.3F 1-23-21 Morino Machida-shi, Tokyo 194-0022 ,Japan
TEL 042-728-7977
Five minutes walk from Machida St. (Odakyu line)


Parking: Public parking garages are available next door.

Open hour Tuesday, Thursday 10:00〜18:30
Wednesday, Friday 10:30〜19:00
Saturday 9:30〜18:30
Sunday (once a month) 10:00〜18:00
Closed Monday/Sunday/National Holiday

Kyodo clinic

2-27-11Kyodo Setagaya-ku,Tokyo 156-0052,Japan
TEL 03-5450-1717
Eight minutes walk from Kyodo St. (Odakyu line)


Open hour Monday 10:30 ~ 13:00 / 14:30〜18:30
Wednesday, Friday 11:00〜13:00 / 14:30〜19:00
Saturday, Thursday(once a month) 9:00~12:30 14:00~18:00
Closed Tuesday/Sunday/National Holiday